Drinking Water Supply Program

In Pakistan clean drinking water has always been a big problem. In some areas water is not available and if it is available in some areas then there are no resources to store it. Women faced a lot of problems they have to carry water pots on their heads and brought water from the far off places.

Providing clean drinking water to the people is an important aspect of PEDO.  Hundreds of people were given access to clean drinking water by completing rehabilitation projects of flood affected water supply schemes.

Water is critical to nourishing and fostering life. One in two people in developing countries cannot access clean water, and hundreds die every day due to illnesses related to contaminated water. Every day, diarrhea diseases from easily preventable causes claim the lives of approximately 5000 people, most of them young children. According to a survey, 70% population of Pakistan is deprived of cleaned drinking water.

Statistics of SPRC (Society for Protection of Rights of the Child) 40,000 children in a year die from drinking contaminated or polluted water and 69% of death are caused by water borne diseases.

“Every 5th person in the country suffers from illness cause pollution, and 40% of deaths in urban centres are caused by drinking unsafe water”. 47% of the population has no access to the safe drinking water.

PEDO has planned to install Hand Pumps, Digging of deep wells, construction of water Tanks and laying infra structure for drinking water in different rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA.

We want to provide this opportunity to those in need.  Donate to the PEDO Drinking Water Supply Program Today

Donate $800 US to install one Hand Pump
Done $1200 US to install one Power Well
Donate $2500 US to install one Power Well and Storage Tank