Hepatitis B and C has been emerged as an epidemic disease, generally in Pakistan and specially in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There is no household where there is no patient of Hepatitis B and C. Every fifth citizen of the country is a Hepatitis patient. The disease also has the social and economical implications. The patient get out of job for about one year. The treatment of Hepatitis patient is too costly. Often the poor does not manage to get proper treatment and die.
PEDO has started Anti Hepatitis Campaign in the schools, colleges and universities of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. PEDO has formed a health advisory committee for this project, which is represented by doctors, professors, educationalist and civil society representatives. This committee meets regularly on monthly basis and provide guideline and support to run the anti hepatitis campaign in a successful manner.
This campaign has been started from Peshawar and PEDO teams visit schools, colleges and universities. Our teams aware students and staff of these institutions about Hepatitis through lectures, seminars and printed materials.
Further, PEDO has signed agreements with reputed labs of the Peshawar, who supports us for blood screening and vaccinations of the students for Hepatitis on very nominal charges. So far, we are working on this campaign in Peshawar and we have plans to take to the whole province in near future. PEDO has planned to vaccinate 50,000 poor and marginalized men and women against Hepatitis B and C during the year 2013.