The flood of July 2011 had flushed away the water supply scheme of Sheikhee Village in Union Council Pahari Katti Khel of District Nowshera. This disaster had caused extreme difficulty in getting clean drinking water for inhabitants of village Sheikhee. Women and children had to fetch water from far flung natural water springs and ponds. Quality of water from these ponds was often very poor causing disease like diarrhea, rabies etc. The situation was brought to the notice of PEDO through locals of the area.
PEDO mobilized resources for this rehabilitation project and Hassan Foundation USA supported PEDO to rehabilitate this water supply scheme. PEDO formed a village committee to coordinate the whole project. A women subcommittee was also formed to have women say in the project.
First PEDO conducted water quality test from authorized laboratory, one the test report was clear PEDO started working on the project. All pipes, accessories and other construction materials were provided by PEDO, while all labour charges were born by the community. A community based monitoring committee was also formed to monitor the work progress. The water supply scheme is now fully rehabilitated and functional with increased access to new localities. This is a gravity flow water supply scheme.

PEDO has formed and trained an operation and maintenance committee for the better operation of the water supply scheme. This committee collets monthly water tariff from each connection holder and perform routine maintenance.

Now clean drinking water reaches each household and women and children can spend their time in other productive activities. A total population of 5000 is benefiting from this water supply scheme. Help us there are hundreds of schemes like this.