Technical & Vocational Training for Poor Youth

HYTEC (a project of PEDPO) is registered with Skill Development Council (SDC) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. HYTEC develops and implements special training programs for underprivileged youth to prepare them for gaining employment and engage in some income generating activities to raise their standard of living and social uplift through self employment.
HYTEC aims to develop the potential of work force by increasing their standard of skill and basic education so as to increase productivity, quality of product and to meet the needs of both domestic and international market.
HYTEC also develop specialized training programs in Information Technology for unemployed educated youth (matriculates  graduates) to provide them maximum employment opportunities locally and abroad.
So far HYTEC has conducted training courses in trades of
a.            Electrician
b.            Wireman
c.             UPS Assembling
d.            Generator Repairing
e.            Computer Software and Hardware

PEDO has been supported by Everbright Group of Companies and other individual donors to train more than 120 youth in these trades by HYTEC, which includes 95 boys and 25 girls from to very poor families. PEDO aims to provide technical and vocational trainings to more than 2000 youth in 2013.

We want to provide this opportunity to those in need.  Donate to the PEDO Technical and Vocational Training Program Today.

Donate $150 US to support one Student’s Training Fee and training equipments for one course.