Widow & Orphan Fund

Tonight Thousands of Children in Pakistan Will Go To Sleep Missing Their Fathers.
A bomb explodes in the centre of Peshawar City and she will never look into her husband’s eyes again. As missiles are fired over Peshawar Airport, his father passing nearby, never comes home. These stories are the stories of Pakistanis’ lives. In this country, widows and orphans happen every day.

For many of Pakistani widows and orphans, the pain is compounded by the daily struggle it takes to simply keep a roof over their heads. Though the primary breadwinner is gone, bills still come and rent is still demanded. Lives that have been broken take time to put back together, but widows and orphans are not given that luxury.

Aid and Support for Hundreds of Widows and Orphans Every Month
PEDO manage to provide aid for food program to more than 200 families, which costs $100 US a month. PEDO also supports some 200 widows and orphans with an average of $250 US per home every month.

Service distribution is determined based on criteria including income, expenses, and individual needs. That means that your charity for Pakistan’s widows and orphans goes directly to those truly in need. Thousands more widows and orphans are waiting to be added to the financially limited Widow and Orphan Fund roster. But beyond ensuring that the widows and orphans of Pakistan do not succumb to despair, your donation gives these handicapped families the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy. We lighten the load, perhaps enough to begin to heal broken hearts and put broken lives back together.

  • $1200 Aid per family for a year
  • $100 Aid per family for a month
  • $250 Support per family for a month

Heal Pakistan’s broken hearts – Donate to the PEDO Widow and Orphan Fund today!